Robin M. Lloyd



I am a freelance writer, a contributing editor for Scientific American, and a visiting scholar in New York University's Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program. I specialize in writing and editing stories at the intersection of public health, engineering, and the environment. I am also president of the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing. Find me on Twitter (@robinlloyd99) and LinkedIn.


Cured in place? An underground pipe repair raises questions

Undark | Apr 2019

(This story earned a 3rd-place Kevin Carmody award for investigative reporting from the Society of Environmental Journalists.)

Gazelle traveled distance of nearly half Earth’s circumference in five years 

Scientific American | Apr 2022

People are getting COVID shots despite hesitation

Scientific American | Mar 2022

Trees have the potential to live indefinitely 

Scientific American | Dec 2021

Miami building collapse could profoundly change structural engineering 

Scientific American | June 2021

People of color breathe more unhealthy air from nearly all polluting sources

Scientific American | Apr 2021

The problem with the positivity rate

New York Magazine | Dec 2020

What is it that keeps most little kids from getting Covid-19?

New York Times | July 2020

Six ways to juggle science and childcare from home

Nature | Apr 2020

Health concerns mount as more old sewer pipes are lined with plastic

Scientific American | Mar 2019

How hydroponic school gardens can cultivate food justice, year-round

NPR | July 2019

A growing trend to ban solitary confinement of U.S. prisoners

Undark | Dec 2017