Robin M. Lloyd


Here are some articles I've written for publications such as Scientific American, Undark, New York Times, NPR, New York Magazine and Nature.

*featured stories


Climate change actions are more popular than people realize 

Scientific American, August 2022

How Hurricane Ida got so big so fast 

Scientific American, August 2021

Climate risks bill could spark shift to truly green economy 

Scientific American, April 2021

*People of color breathe more unhealthy air from nearly all polluting sources 

Scientific American, April 2021

*How hydroponic school gardens can cultivate food justice, year-round 

NPR, July 2019

Leaving the Paris climate accord will be a public health disaster 

Undark, December 2017

If the air got just a little cleaner, thousands fewer would die 

Undark, July 2017

Drought-free for now, states can focus on water efficiency 

Undark, June 2017

Coal dust darkens the climate picture 

Undark, February 2017


*Miami building collapse could profoundly change engineering 

Scientific American, June 2021

Massive power failure could finally cause Texas to connect with the nation's power grids 

Scientific American, February 2021

In a pipe repair worker's death, questions of safety still swirl 

Undark, March 2021

*Health concerns mount as more old sewer pipes are lined with plastic 

Scientific American, November 2019

*Cured in place? An underground pipe repair raises questions 

Undark, April 2019


GM food labels could burden low-income consumers 

Undark, April 2018

Exploring the psychological toll of anti-immigration rhetoric and policy 

Undark, April 2018

By focusing on cars over public transportation, cities continue to foster inequality 

Undark, March 2018

Media coverage of mass shootings: Is it part of the problem? 

Undark, March 2018

Study: Students come to accept healthier school meals 

Undark, December 2017

*A growing trend to ban solitary confinement of U.S. prisoners 

Undark, December 2017

Five questions for Dave Levitan 

Undark, October 2017

An unbalanced plate of food policy 

Undark, May 2017

Malnutrition in seniors underlies Meals on Wheels debate 

Undark, March 2017

Trump's immigration ban is clueless about refugees 

Undark, February 2017


*People are getting COVID shots despite hesitation 

Scientific American, March 2022

COVID smell loss and long COVID linked to inflammation 

Scientific American, February 2022

See people's emotions as they get their COVID vaccinations 

Scientific American, June 2021

So, you want to mingle outdoors this summer?

New York Times, May 2021

*The problem with the positivity rate 

New York Magazine, December 2020

*What is it that keeps most little kids from getting COVID-19? 

New York Times, June 2020

Are electronic cigarettes a gateway to tobacco? 

Undark, February 2018

Why are alcohol-related emergency room visits rising? 

Undark, January 2018

HPV vaccine debate turns from myths to global realities 

Undark, October 2017

Trump's incoming CDC chief brings a mixed record on public health 

Undark, July 2017

When breathing goes awry 

Scientific American, March 2017


*Gazelle traveled distance of nearly half Earth's circumference in five years 

Scientific American, April 2022

*Trees have the potential to live indefinitely 

Scientific American, December 2021

*Six ways to juggle science and childcare from home 

Nature, April 2020

Against fungal infections, snakes may have an edge 

Undark, January 2018

Fact-checking sites find their way into science 

Undark, March 2017